Family Law

Family law in Sydney is concerned with family relationships, from beginning to end. Our clients reach out to Thornton Storgato family law to discuss prenuptial agreements; co-living agreements; separation and divorce orders; child custody, adoption and parenting agreements; property and finance settlements; wills; enduring guardianship and power of attorney agreements.

When you’re researching a family lawyer Sydney residents recommend, keep in mind the need for honesty. Addressing the end of your relationship is an emotional experience for everyone involved, including your spouse, your children and any extended family. Good family law solicitors get you closure; great family law solicitors achieve closure while actively listening to your case the first time, ensuring the process is fast as possible and the outcome is what you were expecting.

In a matter where you retain us as your solicitor, you can expect that our first meeting will be around 1 to 2 hours. We charge a flat rate of $550.00 for this meeting. We know that many others propose a free first meeting or considerably cheaper first meeting. Our point of difference is that our first meeting is not just a meet and greet. In fact at our first meeting we aim to:

  1. Set out that what you tell us is confidential. This is because we want you to be able to speak freely with us, so we establish trust in each other from the very first meeting. This is also because you may still be deciding on whether to end the relationship or not. 
  2. Explain how the legislation applies to your specific case. We address the legislative “rules” from the outset, so you know what issues are important and what issues to focus on right from the start;
  3. Ask you to tell us what questions you would like answered during our meeting. If you’ve come looking to us for answers, we aim to provide you with the same;
  4. Obtain in detail, the specifics applicable to your case so that when we are answering your questions, you can rely on the advice we give you. We don’t want to later change our advice or miss pursuing an important matter to you. Right from the beginning we aim to be your partner in a process designed to ultimately give you certainty about your future.

By the end of our first meeting it is our aim to have answered your questions and given you a great understanding of the parameters of your case. In this way, you know what to expect and there should be no unhappy surprises.

How Thornton Storgato Law Assists with Family Law Cases

Thornton Storgato Law is the family law firm you need on your side if you’re searching for experienced, straight-forward and honest representation. Our team of legal experts act for a broad range of clients, from people involved in a range of parenting cases, to cases centred around marital assets and property disputes. We believe that for most people going to court is the last solution, because of the mental and fiscal expense of ongoing disharmony. Following our first meeting we try to, we ensure every client walks out the door with clarity and confidence. Leaving the past behind you is easier with Thornton Storgato Law.

TSL Family Law Services:

We help clients navigate challenging and unfamiliar legal circumstances by listening to your story with a keen ear for detail. After the first meeting, you’ll walk away with clarity about how your case would be dealt with by a judge if it entered court today.  This means that from the start you will know what the end should look like.  This means you should know what you are aiming to achieve from the very beginning. Our areas of expertise include:


Divorce is a big step in any relationship. Ensure the end of your marriage is straight-forward with Thornton Storgato Law, as we get to know the details of your specific case.

Binding Financial Agreements

Binding financial agreements can be confusing. Thornton Storgato Law simplify the process without sacrificing the quality of the final product, ensuring what you and your partner agree on will be equitable and very importantly enforceable in the future. This is integral because there is simply no point doing a DIY or budget agreement which fails to address the necessary criteria to ensure your agreement stands the test of time. If you aren’t retaining an experienced family lawyer to prepare your agreement, be prepared for the agreement to fail.

Property Settlements

When your relationship devolves beyond reconciliation, the division of property and assets is an important order of business for yourself and to the support the safety and ongoing wellbeing of your children. Protect yourself, your family and your future with Thornton Storgato Law.

Children and Parenting Matters

There’s no one more important or precious than your children. Getting through a marriage or relationship break up without impacting the kids can feel impossible, but with the right strategy and insights, your kids can adjust to their new normal faster. At Thornton Storgato Law, we specialise in parenting plans, custody agreements, parenting orders and child support.

Dispute Resolution

You deserve to be heard, but court cases and drawn out legal proceedings are usually the last resort. At Thornton Storgato Law, we walk you through the dispute resolution process, from meetings with our legal team to impartial mediation – get to your desired outcome sooner. We are also able to offer our services as Mediators to meet with you and your ex to negotiate a settlement and if possible draft a Consent Order.

Wills and Estate Planning

Prepare for the unexpected with Thornton Storgato Law and future-proof your finances, medical decisions, autonomy and the specifics of your estate in one meeting. We specialise in Wills, Power of Attorney, Enduring Guardianship and Contested Wills.  If you are separated from your spouse, if there is no will in place you may be gifting your estate to your former spouse without realising it.  If you are retired or soon to retire, what you do with your superannuation and your estate (two different types of assets) may have significant impact on your remaining spouse entitlement which may be otherwise be avoided.

What Do You Do Next?

If you’ve scoured the web searching for the right fit and settled on the family law firm West Pennant Hills residents trust you’ve made the right decision for the future of your family, your property and your continued security. Contact Thornton Storgato Law by phone, email or drop in and make an appointment to see a compassionate and highly experienced Family Law Expert.